petek, 30. december 2011

Fox tail butt plug review

Not that far ago I stumbled upon fox tail butt plugs and I found them fascinating. They looked very luxurious and my animal instinct liked right in. Fox tail anal plugs are just like any other butt plugs, only that they have fox tail attached on the end.

Butt plugs itself are usually made out of silicon, but you also find some that are made out of wood or metal. I preffer silicon plugs myself. Fox tails on the other hand are usually made out of authentic deboned fox tail (like the one you can see on picture). Some people have problem with this, because they see this as very animal unfriendly. Fot those that don't want to have authentic fox tail on ther butt plug, can also choose the one that is made out of faux fur.

Faux fox tail butt plugs have another advantage over authentic ones. They are usually much bigger and rich, while authentic one is a little smaller. Authentic fox tail are around 16-18 inches long, while faux tails can measure almost twice as much.

No matter which one you will choose, I can promise you that you will love the filling of fur caressing your inner thigh. Fox tail anal plug can also be alternative for cat tail butt plug, which are extremely hard to get.On the other side, fox tail butt plugs are not all that easy to find ether.

Let's alk about price now. As you can imagine, they don't come cheap. Price range is everything from 52$ to 250$. I was surprised that butt plugs with authentic fox tail are much cheaper they plugs with faux tail.You can even get custom made fox tail butt plug, but be ready to cough out a lot of money. For those who would like to buy more affordable fox tail plugs, I would recommend and online shops. I boought things from both of the stores before and I was always satisfied.

Now get one one and organize good old fashion fox hunt. Have fun.

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